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Received the CD a couple of days ago and thank you so much for the time you took in achieving the superb quality. All my life I've enjoyed the sheer exuberance of the man, and your CD adds immeasurably to that experience. – Michael J., U.K.

Received your CD of "Fats Waller on the Air" a couple of days ago and played some of it on my radio show today. Just wanted to tell you what a superb CD it is. Very good sound. In particular it was just wonderful to hear some new Fats - The Broadcast to America was extremely interesting – Colin Bray, Jazz Oracle www.jazzoracle.com. Canada.

Whether or not "Fats" Waller is your favourite musician, these tracks should be in your collection: amongst much else, they offer a slice of broadcast life in the late 1930s, which in itself makes them of great value . . . transfers are superb – VJM's Jazz & Blues Mart No. 156, Spring 2010, www.vjm.biz. U.K.

I remain amazed that a great artist like Fats, who died, as I write, 67 years ago, still draws so many fans, and has so many "new releases." . . . I have a handful of the same recording of "Motherless Child." This one is technically best. You can hear the click of the keys and get much closer to Fats. And the "Come Down to Earth My Angel" is utterly sublime. The CD also has the original NBC chimes. And Fats' verbal comments to the slick radio announcers are quite sophisticated. By all means, Stephen, if this one pays for itself, do more. – Larry M., U.S.A.

The music is amazing – Warren G., U.K.

Got the CD and it sounded great! Thanks! – Keith T., U.S.A.

The CD came today.  It is brilliant.  The sound quality is amazing.  Have the ‘experts’ reviewed it yet?  I reckon you’ll have to get a load more printed up.  I bet you are pleased with the result.  You must do some more.  A work of art.  It is a very new concept to me.  I love it. – Geoff H., U.K.

I just want to say how much I am enjoying your new cd -- both the new material and the fine sound.  It was wonderful, especially, to hear Fats and Adelaide Hall together.  Thanks for this labor of love on your part. – Michael M., U.S.A.

First of all I think that you made a great job in preparing meticulously the sound material and to make those recordings available to the public. I found the sound quality overall very good till excellent - the previously unissued radio tracks (NBC & Yacht Club Broadcasts) even better than the rest of these broadcasts. It goes without saying that the sound of the "Broadcast to America" due to the shortwave transfers are not breathtaking, but I think this recording is really something for FW lovers, so the sound is less important than just having this rare recording! The vinyl tests are also excellent, so I really enjoyed everything and I am happy that you took the burden to make those transfers available. My wish is of course that you may continue in publishing more of the rare FW broadcasts. – Michael L., France.

I am very pleased about the quality of sound and also about the fact that the programs are complete including spoken parts of Fats and speakers. You did a very good job indeed. Can we expect further CDs? –  Hansjürg R., Switzerland.

Just a short message to inform you that I've received your wonderful CD. Thanks a lot for letting us hear with such a great sound those little gems! I kinda rediscover Fats' genius thanks to those air checks. The V Discs tracks are also unique and help me to appreciate more the organ work of Fats Waller. – Jean-François Pitet, France. The Hi de Ho Blog, www.thehidehoblog.com

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the CD! I have a recording of the incomplete Yacht Club broadcast and was amazed to hear the complete version. The quality is also much better plus Fats does "Old Folks" one of my favourite standards. I've always loved that moment when that couple come up mid-broadcast and request "Stardust." – Michael D., Australia.

Congratulations on such a wonderful CD. The 30 tracks and great sound quality makes it an essential purchase for any lover of Jazz and especially an aficionado of Fats. – Phillip H., U.K.

This is a great CD. Fats is the man! I have everything I've ever been able to find on him . . . What a personality! What a musician! – Jean G.

Marvelous music and delightful edition, Stephen. Thanks for your efforts. I hope you give us more unissued Fats in the future. Thanks again. – Martin A., Spain.

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Steve says: Many thanks for all your enthusiastic comments. They are most welcome. If enough people are interested in this CD it will encourage me to do another one with more unissued and rare Fats recordings.